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  Literature in the Language Classroom - Paperback
Joanne Collie, Stephen Slater
81,90 zł
  Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching
Diane Larsen-Freeman
A fully revised and updated edition of this popular introduction to language teaching methodology, which describes different methods and approaches in language teaching. It provides practical, step-by...
109,00 zł
 Assessing Language through Computer Technology - Paperback
Carol Chapelle, Dan Douglas
In 1998 and 1999, three of the largest providers of educational tests introduced computer-based versions of proficiency tests for English as a foreign language. Around the same time, many institutions...
81,90 zł
 In Business Pre-Intermediate to Upper Intermediate
Marjorie Rosenberg
In Business is a collection of 30 fun, photocopiable activities focusing on business vocabulary, functional language and skills.
The activities range from lower to upper intermediate level and can ...
129,70 zł
Jackie Holderness, Annie Hughes
* More activities for children aged 6 and above
* Each activity comes complete with full teacher's notes.
* Includes cassette ...
Wydawnictwo: Macmillan
99,00 zł
1000+ Pictures Teacher\'s Copy Revised Edition
Andrew Wright
This is an invaluable and loved resource for teachers who think they can't draw! Pictures can be copied onto the blackboard, worksheets or overhead projector.
* The clear introductory section shows...
137,00 zł
101 Word Games
George P. McCallum
101 Word Games offers games for every age group, level, skill area, purpose, and teaching situation.

1 Vocabulary Games
2 Number Games
3 Structure Games
4 S...
95,00 zł
Jane Rollason
Publikacja, która oszczędzi nauczycielom czas potrzebny do przygotowania atrakcyjnych zajęć dotyczących zagadnień gramatycznych. Każda lekcja zawiera ćwiczenia o różnym stopniu trudności, które pomogą...
57,00 zł
David Seymour, Maria Popova
An indispensable addition to any teacher's bookshelf. It provides seven hundred classroom tested activities at levels from elementary to upper intermediate.
700 Classroom Activities is intended to ...
Wydawnictwo: Macmillan
62,00 zł
Peter Skehan
This book has two major themes: firstly, it discusses psycholinguistic and cognitive aspects of language learning, and secondly, it looks at the contrast between universalist accounts of language lear...
162,10 zł
A Handbook of Classroom English
Glyn S. Hughes
This practical handbook is for trainee teachers who want to acquire accurate, authentic, and idiomatic classroom language, and for experienced teachers who want to extend the range of their classroom ...
106,40 zł
A History of English Language Teaching
A. P. R. Howatt
This revised and updated history covers the Renaissance to the present day, covering all the important phases of the history of English language teaching from a global perspective....
153,70 zł
A Training Course For TEFL
P. Hubbard, H. Jones, B. Thornton, R. Wheeler
Trainee and practising teachers will benefit enormously from this practical handbook. It includes: classroom techniques covering all four skills; testing; problem classes; phonetics; and syllabus desi...
96,60 zł
Scott Thornbury
Nowa publikacja cenionego teoretyka metodyki nauczania języka angielskiego, która z pewno?ci? powinna znaleĄć się na półce każdego nauczyciela, wykładowcy czy trenera. An A-Z of ELT to alfabetycznie u...
Wydawnictwo: Macmillan
84,00 zł
Scott Thornbury
Teachers of English need not only to have a good productive command of the language; they also need to know a good deal about the way the language works. This book asks: 'What is it that a teacher nee...
76,30 zł
Academic Listening
John Flowerdew
This collection of original papers comprehensively addresses the area of second language academic listening. The papers are grouped under five broad headings. The first section provides an overview of...
79,00 zł
Action Research for Language Teachers - Paperback
Michael J. Wallace
This practical guide can be used by teachers who wish to develop their professional expertise by investigating their own teaching in a systematic and organised way. It is also invaluable for teachers ...
76,30 zł
Activity Box - Book
Joan Greenwood
This resource book for teachers of young students contains a bank of motivating activities to supplement course material. The eight sections are full of useful ideas for fun activities in a variety of...
108,00 zł
Advanced Skills - Book and Audio CD Pack
Simon Haines
Advanced Skills completes the Listening/Speaking/Reading/Writing Extra suite of books by offering extra skills practice at advanced level. While not specifically written as exam practice material, the...
129,47 zł
Advising and Supporting Teachers - Paperback
Mick Randall, Barbara Thornton
This book is aimed at all those responsible for advising teachers including teaching practice supervisors, mentors, INSET tutors, state education inspectors, directors of studies, and teachers working...
81,90 zł
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