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Informacje o produkcie

Teaching & Researching Reading PROMOCJA!

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Produkty Pokrewne/Powiązane
Teaching and Researching: Reading is designed to help language professionals understand the complex nature of reading. This volume builds connections from research on reading, to sound instructional practices and action research possibilities. Offering an overview of reading theory, it summarises the main ideas and issues in first and second language contexts and covers key research studies. Grabe and Stoller then explicitly link this research to teaching practice.

In addition to providing erudite research analysis, this is a practical volume and the authors offer advice for practitioners and researchers including a 12-step procedure for conducting meaningful action research projects on reading-related topics, with 27 outlined models for teacher adaptation and use, and numerous figures which can used for both action research and classroom instruction.

Learning aids are also featured in the text, including:
- key concept boxes and glossary of key terms
- quote boxes highlighting critical issues in the field
- index of studies summarised by theme
- index of model action research projects organised by theme
- resource list of relevant journals, books and websites.

Written in an accessible style, Teaching and Researching: Reading is a valuable resource for teacher trainers, practicing teachers, materials writers and researchers.

William Grabe is Professor of English and Chair of the English Department at Northern Arizona University. He is currently President of the American Association for Applied Linguistics.

Fredricka L. Stoller is Associate Professor of English at Northern Arizona University. She has coauthored two reading textbooks, developed reading curricula, and written teacher-training articles on reading instruction.
Acknowledgements and Dedication Introduction SECTION I: UNDERSTANDING L2 READING 1: The Nature of Reading Abilities 2: Comparing L1 and L2 Reading 3: Dilemmas for L2 Reading Research and Instruction SECTION II: EXPLORING RESEARCH IN READING 4: Key Studies in L1 Reading 5: Key Studies in L2 Reading SECTION III: RESEARCHING READING IN THE CLASSROOM 6: The Reading Teacher As Classroom Researcher 7: Vocabulary, Fluency, and Rate Development: Action Research Projects 8: Strategic Reading and Discourse Organization: Action Research Projects 9: Reading Instruction and Student Affect: Action Research Projects SECTION IV: RESOURCES 10: Resources for Action Research Glossary Index of Studies Summarized in Chapters 4-5 and Model Action Research Projects Presented in Chapters 6-9 References
* Informs practicing teachers of latest research findings.
* Provides easily accessible summary of key research studies - enables teachers to make connections from research to teaching practices.
* Offers practical guidelines for curriculum development and change.
* Includes 27 model action research projects that can be adapted to individual classroom settings.
* Lists relevant resources available for reading teachers and researchers.
* Dedicated website providing useful web links, references and resources.
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